Clan Donald Canada is the official community of Clan Donald kinfolk living in Canada. We are a membership organization and membership is open to MacDonalds, McDonalds, MacDonells, Donaldsons and our many other surnames.

Clan Donald (Clann Dòmhnaill) is the largest of the Highland Clans and at one time ruled an independent Kingdom that included some of Western Scotland, the Hebrides, the Isle of Man and County Antrim in Ireland. This was known as the Kingdom of the Isles and later, the Lordship the of the Isles. While the boundaries shifted over the centuries, at the height of our powers Clan Donald was considered Ceann nan Gaidheal (the head of the Gael) and fostered Gaelic culture, music, and helped establish the Iona Abbey.

The Clan’s motto “Per Mare Per Terras” translates to “by sea and by land” aptly describes the military prowess of Clan Donald. The Clan ruled the isles with an impressive armada of Highland galleys and the clansmen manifested an impressive infantry.

Today, we share in the history, and culture of our storied clan and the broader culture of the Hebrides and that of the Clan Donald descendants in Canada.

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